Interesting things about online learning and classroom learning

Due to the vast increase in technology and a new way of dimension in education, the traditional way of teaching is being decreased day by day. Everyone prefers online other than the actual and original classroom or traditional way of teaching. E learning has made huge impact on approaching the students and the style of teaching. Slowly there is a decrease in classroom teaching because of the easiest way of explanation with in required time which is an acceptable advantage. E learning has been vital and essential, as it is taking over employee training; e learning provides a platform which cannot be beat for convenience and affordability. Despite of all these benefits the basic traditional class room training has become less in use, except in some secondary education sectors. For higher education learning’s people generally opt for online learning other than class room learning. Especially when learning software courses people always prefers online software training. The time has come for employee development and instruction, but you cannot decide between private training and offsite classroom training. There are pros and cons to both types of training and making a decision will be based on a number of criteria. There are some factors like cost of training, time consumption and ease of learning. Al these factors play major role in choosing the best of way listening and understanding. For example, Microsoft skills training, private training can be more cost effective than attending a classroom session. Most desktop skills courses are scheduled to last one or two days, whereas in case of private or online learning can teach the same curriculum in half of the time it takes to learn in a class room. For a class room training the employee or student should leave the office home respectively, for a private online learning the trainer himself can come to them.

The fact of the matter is that many people simply learn better in a classroom setting. Some are interested in conversation of a topic with other people, which is something uncomfortable for them with in an online situation. The best thing about classroom training was it allows us for real time discussion and provides interaction that isn’t easily duplicated even with the most advanced of technology. Class room training allows for an individualized approach that cannot be duplicated in an online setting. Trainers can answer the questions and provide enough required answers that will satisfy most curiosities. This makes the student to learn readily and effectively engage all of their senses with the material. Class room training allows for constructive team building as all the learners join together to work out basic problems and find solutions as a group. Classroom learning allows for more time, the learning process in some people takes quite long time, so classroom setting is ideal for the patience and environment required. When compared to e learning a classroom enables a learner to experience support from peers and instructors.

In general, online training may seem more expensive and if we look at cost per hour basis alone, classroom training will appear to be less expensive. Any learner must be cautious not to fall into the trap of thinking more training hour’s means more training. Finally, choosing a online training compared to classroom training will depend on the particular topic and the student, for some topics there is a need to have online training and it makes the most sense, for some people the interaction they receive by engaging in group exercises is an invaluable part of learning experience. By considering some factors like topic and the way of approach regarding the learning some choose online and some prefer classroom trainings.


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