Learn SAP BOBI Online and SAP online training

The BOBI suite is the most innovative business intelligence suite of business objects, offers the BI industries most advanced and complete solution for performance management, business planning, business consolidation, dash board & KPI reporting, query and analysis, crystal line of reporting, data visualization and in total enterprise information management.

Business Objects (BO) is a suite of business intelligence tools which does include crystal reports. These business objects bought crystal enterprise and SAP bought business objects. The objective of SAP business objects is to offer a broad portfolio of tools and applications designed to help you optimize business performance by connecting people, information, and businesses across business networks. In order to ensure and get the maximum value from your SAP business objects offering investments, SAP business objects online training provides a complete set of training offerings. One can take the advantages of courses, products, and services designed to help and maximize your software investment. SAP BO online training course is specific to SAP business objects and offer a comprehensive curriculum for technical and business users. In addition, and most courses are offered through multiple delivery methods. Online training offers the training in the most convenient and cost effective format. In addition the institutes offer several distributed learning products for end user training and adoption including SAP knowledge acceleration. Built for SAP business objects offerings, SAP knowledge acceleration software is a customizable, web based learning tool that delivers out of the box training, as well as ongoing knowledge support, for SAP solutions. SAP business objects scheduled training is now delivered exclusively via several SAP BO online training institutes. These training institutes provide online training for SAP BO, with best trainers who have years of business objects implementation experience.

Business Intelligence (BI) is also called BW training previously. It is the latest craze among technology professionals. Individuals as well as corporate houses are equally excited to get familiar with SAP BI training can be received through online training. Though some prefer traditional classrooms, online training is more beneficial for learners. This is because it allows users to take the lessons even from the farthest corner of the world. This module of SAP covers a number of topics and is taught in a steady manner, initially learners are provided with a case study. After learners have an understanding of a case study, they are introduced to the various terminologies of OLAP such as business content objects, ERP, ETL, ODS, multi provider and cubes. After completion, the candidates are taught about system environment so that they have an in depth knowledge and get familiar with system backdrop, coding of transaction, metadata repository and business packets. There are several topics are included under BI. However, it is important to prioritize on topics. There is no necessity of learning all at the same time since not all of them are applicable in every business context. One should learn BI in order to become knowledgeable business intelligence professional.


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